Denton and Denton Environmental's areas of expertise include federal NEPA requirements, pesticides and risk assessments, Forest Service and BLM Land and Resource Management Planning requirements, and the Northwest Forest Plan.

We are expert at:

Although we generally limit ourselves to projects where federal agencies provide the environmental inventories and technical analysis, we do have access to additional resources through a variety of professional associations. We may be able to advise you of alternate resources if your proposal is outside of our area of expertise.

We can be hired by federal agencies through the 2020-2030 Forest Service Region 6 Professional & Forestry Services BPA (bulk purchase agreement) contract.

We will not accept a job unless we are confident of providing an excellent product. References are available upon request.

Note on legal liability:
Denton and Denton Environmental LLC carries liability insurance through Farmers Insurance Group covering accidental or negligent acts by us that might cause injury or damage to other people or property. However, because of the nature of our work, we do not insure our written products other than understanding if they are not acceptable, we do not get paid. Although we are confident in our NEPA expertise, environmental impact statements and related documents are never fool-proof and can be found wanting by any court, by other agencies with different manual direction or policies than we are used to, or by other NEPA experts. Further, in all of our writing, we expect some-to-all strategy and editorial decisions to be subject to agency review and approval. We therefore expect the contracting agency (or individual or company) to fully determine the acceptability of delivered written products, and to accept all legal and other liability arising from their acting upon, or otherwise using, those products. None of our products are "certified" by any agency, government, or professional organization to meet any legal or technical minimum standard. We assume no liability for product omissions (other than for payment as noted above), or for implementation effects different than those described in our documents.

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