Denton and Denton Environmental was founded by father/daughter team Ken Denton and Christi Denton in 2007.

Ken Denton, a retired U.S. Forest Service Regional Silviculturist, planner, and NEPA specialist has experience ranging from the full range of silvicultural activites, to Late-Successional Reserve Assessment reviews and prescription authoring, as well as working as an EIS team leader/lead author, NEPA instructor/reviewer, and growth and yield/timber planning instructor. He is familiar with a broad range of resource management and federal agency policy issues, with experience in Oregon, California, Washington, and Idaho. Ken has a B.S. in Natural Resources from Humboldt State. He served on the interdisciplinary teams for the Forest Service EIS for the northern spotted owl (1992), the Northwest Forest Plan SEIS (1994), the Survey and Manage SEISs (2000, 2004), and was team leader for the Port-Orford-cedar SEIS (2004) and Survey and Manage SEIS (2007). He retired from Denton and Denton in 2014.

Christi Denton, an analyst, writer/editor, database manager and webmaster, has experience in administration, logistics, and information management. She graduated from Mills College with a B.A. in 2000, and got a graduate degree from CCMIX in France in 2004. Before co-founding Denton and Denton, she has worked as a software engineer and as an administrator and logistician for NGOs and other non-profits.

Denton and Denton Environmental