Oregon Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Invasive Plant Environmental Assessments

Bureau of Land Management districts in Oregon are preparing environmental assessments (EAs) to analyze the potential effects of updating their existing noxious weed management programs by shifting the programs' herbicide use to generally newer, more target-specific and environmentally friendly herbicides, and allowing those herbicides to be used on non-native invasive plants, not just noxious weeds.

Denton and Denton are serving as Team Lead on these EAs, which tier to:


Other BLM invasive plant NEPA (not done by Denton and Denton)

Current Herbicide Risk Assessments (links below table)
Active Ingredient Forest Service BLM Human Health BLM Ecological
2,4-D BLM 2016 BLM 2016 *
Aminopyralid BLM 2016 BLM 2016
Bromacil   BLM 1991 BLM 2007
Chlorsulfuron   BLM 2007
Clopyralid BLM 2016 BLM 2016 *
Dicamba + diflufenzopyr     BLM 2007
Diflufenzopyr   BLM 2007  
Diuron   BLM 1991 BLM 2007
Fluridone BLM 2007 BLM 2007
Fluroxypyr BLM 2016 BLM 2016
Imazapic BLM 2007 BLM 2007
Metsulfuron methyl    
Rimsulfuron   BLM 2016 BLM 2016
Sulfometuron methyl BLM 2007 BLM 2007
Tebuthiuron BLM 1991 BLM 2007

Forest Service risk assessments cover both human health and ecological receptors.

BLM human health and ecological risk assessments are separate:

Denton and Denton Environmental